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Animaonline Weather API - Version History

Whats new in Animaonline Weather API Beta 1.02
1) Support for .NET 2.0 (Fixed the "Automatic Property" Issue)
2) The source can be compiled to run on ARM CPUs
3) Improved Core

Whats new in Animaonline Weather API 2.0 BETA
1) The code has been completely rewritten and polished since the first release
2) Performance improvements
3) Ability to select a language for the weather query
4) A better code structure
5) GeoServices support (GeoCoding, Reverse GeoCoding and GeoRss generation)
6) GPS Support (Can be combined with GeoServices)
7) Google Maps - Map Generator
8) Windows Mobile Network Code
9) Unit Conversion
10) A logger

Programmed by Roman Alifanov, uses Google's Weather Feed, licensed under GNU General Public License version 2
© 2007-2009 Roman Alifanov

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